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Welcome to the Soda Spectrum Back Issues:

As you'll see from the listings below, there's nothing else quite like the Soda Spectrum magazine. I started the magazine in 1998 because as a bottle & can collector, there wasn't much resource material available about the hobby at that time. Personally, I collect Pop Shoppe, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and some old independent soda memorabilia.


Over the years, the magazine has morphed into a great thing for collectors of 'old' and 'new' soda memorabilia. It's part resource, part history lesson, part reporting (of bottle shows/sales & info about new releases), part monitoring of eBay prices realized, and a love of all things soda.


I hope you'll dive right in and see what the magazine is all about. Issue #89 is in production now and will go into the mail for print subscribers shortly - if you're just discovering us now, you've got a lot to catch up on!


Thanks for reading, and Happy Collecting!


- Blair Matthews, Editor

Issue #63 (Fall 2012):

FEATURE STORY: Going to the Dogs... if you take time to look back at the history of soda advertising, you'll notice many examples of companies who used man't best friend to help sell soda to the masses.

• FreshUp Freddie was 7UP's mascot circa 1957-1959

• Beverage brands competed with each other from the very start

• Sodas went through a phase where they urged consumers to choose their brand over the competition

• A Miracle Elixar: Mineral waters were once thought to be a miracle cure-all

• Pepsi bottle cap causes a bidding frenzy

• Memphis moves show into a brave new world

• Pepsi continues hairy Movember tradition to raise money for men's health

• The story of W.A. Scott & Tazewell Manufacturing

• Winona, MN Coca-Cola returnables line gone

• Princeton Motoros Company, Circa 1914

• Show & Tell: Ale-8-One takes a trip to the UK

• A follow-up on Laurel Club (from Issue #62)

• A sign of the times... Mountain Dew photo from 1966

Issue #62 (Summer 2012):

FEATURE STORY: Just what the doctor ordered: Dublin moves on with can-do attitude and

new soda brands.

• The 'Wink Gink' a little known Canada Dry mascot for Wink

• Looking for information about A-Treat Beverages

• Another trip to Winona, MN for Coke in 6 1/2 oz glass returnable bottles

• PepsiCo testing 'malt-flavored' Mountain Dew Johnson City Gold

• 1965: A Year of Progress in the bottling industry

• Toronto Bottle Show doesn't disappoint

• Jackson family signs new deal with Pepsi

• Photo from 1969 gives portrait of soda industry

• What would you keep? We asked our readers: if you were forced to sell your collection (downsizing

to a smaller space; financial reasons; etc... what's the one thing you wouldn't sell?

• Show & Tell: More about Pocahontas Beverage line

• Ambassador, Double Cola & more...

• Coca-Cola celebrates more than 80 years of Olympic partnership

• Mac's convenience stores issue commemorative Pepsi can

• Michael Elling wins 1927 'Girl at Lifeboat' calendar on eBay

• The House of Lazier: the story of Charles E. Lazier

• Ale-8-One makes the pages of a California food magazine

Issue #61 (Spring 2012):

FEATURE STORY: Sun Drop goes national: a small regional favorite hits the big time

• Those Angry Birds might be popular, but they weren't the first games to be on Pepsi cans

• Sun Drop memorabilia from the past

• Jackson, Mississippi Bottle Show grows wall-to-wall in trade mart exhibition center

• Attendance down, sales up at St. Louis bottle show

• Bootleg and variation bottles

• A Blast from the Past: The Prichard Bottling Works (Orange Crush, Dr. Nut & Pop Kola)

• Here come more clowns: many of our subscribers scoured their collection in search of

cans and bottles featuring the images of clowns

• Those thevin' varments: the imitators of Mountain Dew

• Show & Tell: Nehi bottles, reaction from the 'Navy Pier' story from Issue #60

• Soda treasures from the Bahamas

And much more!

Issue #60 (Winter 2012):

FEATURE STORY: The history of Johnnie Ryan Company, originally started in 1935 in Niagara Falls, NY

• Nichol Kola sign shows up on CBS' "Blue Bloods" episode

• Terre Haute Bottle Show/Auction A Success

• Sundrop: The Evolution of a Legend

• 7UP cans celebrated 100 years of the Bishop Museum

• Brisk cans & bottles coming for Star Wars 3D

• If you build it, they will come: store displays getting bigger and more elaborate than ever!

• The history of the Navy Pier (Chicago) and commemorative Pepsi cans released in 1995

• Be My Valentine: a look back at sodas using a Valentine's Day theme

• GONE: Dublin Dr Pepper settles court case with Dr Pepper Corporate... franchise pulled

• Show & Tell: More presidential sodas from the past

• A blast from the past: a look back at newspaper soda ads from 1982

• Facebook isn't just for 'friends' anymore...

Issue #59 (Fall 2011):

FEATURE STORY: Joining the Club at COLLEGE CLUB BEVERAGES - a bottler started in

1925 in Rochester, NY

• Glen Rock was a Waukegan Favorite - started in 1932 and known for its 18 flavors in 7 oz returnables

• Glen Rock scored high in local 1984 taste test

• Taking a closer look at the history of the glass industry at Corning Museum of Glass

• Champ's Cola - George Prince endorsed since sometime in the 20th Century

• Hail to the Chief: presidential bottles from the past

• The Good Grape Co.: a historical look back at this brand from the 1920s

• Dublin Dr Pepper launches legal defense fund in bottler battle

• More 'clown' bottle designs from the past

• North Alabama bottle and advertising show a success!

• Canadian collector shares his love of old Quebec brands

• Rare Mountain Dew bottle gets lots of interest but no buyer yet

• A Blue Bird ad from 1926

• New Canadian book offers insight into Thunder Bay brands from the past

• At Auction: ACL bottles that recently caught our attention and brought big bucks

• Spotted recently on eBay: Smile grocery store display sign; Sun-Rise tin sign; Mount Kineo sign

• Show & Tell: Rare Nehi bottle; More 'sprig' pieces; Catawissa Beverages sign

• Beverage Museum Sold (Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising), previously owned by Tom & Paul Bates

• Antique Shop Finds

• Retro sodas in glass bottles still as popular as ever

Issue #58 (Summer 2011):

FEATURE STORY: The Good Ole' "Day's" - Day's Beverages continues to be a leader in the independent

soda business, 65 years after it was first born

• Excel Bottling Company celebrates 75th Anniversary with commemorative Ski can

• PepsiCo Announces test of reduced-sugar cola, Pepsi NEXT

• Looking for information about NORKA soda

• Toronto Bottle Show 2011

• 2011 FOHBC Memphis Show a success

• Pepper Wars: The Doctors Prepare For Battle

• Dr Pepper Snapple Group officially files suit against Dublin bottler

• Dublin Bottling Plant Abandons Deposit Bottle Charge

• Spotted recently on eBay: Pop Shoppe sign; WWF Coca-Cola can; Royal Crown bottle topper

• Just Say MIL-KAY: a look at the history of Mil-Kay from St. Louis, Missouri.

• Ale-8-One Celebration: Winchester bottler marks 85-year milestone

• Show & Tell: Calso Soda Water info wanted

• Jerry Reeves shares another 'clown' soda we missed: Bozo Pop

• Mountain Dew announces permanent return of Throwback

• Collectors gather for Vernors Convention in Pontiac, MI

Issue #57 (Spring 2011):

FEATURE STORY: Decades of Decadent Drinks - Whittle & Mutch Inc. continues a long tradition of producing

and supplying flavoring for beverage companies

• Pochahontas Bottling Works - a look back at this bottler from Pocahontas, VA, circa 1935

• FOUND! Michael Elling ends 35-year search for RC Cola Calendar Girl

• mAD men: a look at the (soda) product placements in the popular AMC television show Mad Men

• 2011 St. Louis Show Busiest Ever

• Mississippi Show Fills Trade Mart Building

• Help needed with Hershey cola question

• Every collector should have collector insurance

• Birmingham Antique Bottle & Folk Pottery Show June 17th and 18th

• East Coast Pepsi Collectors plan for summer fun!

• If only we could buy back our youth: we asked our readers which sodas they miss from their youth...

• Show & Tell: Clown soda designs from Sussex Mineral Springs

• Memories of Viking Beverages from the 1970s

•Rare Orange Crush Bottles

Issue #56 (Winter 2011):

FEATURE STORY: A New England Legend Lives On - Conner Bottling Works keeps

'Squamscot Beverages' all in the family

• 'Cheers' salutes soda in glass bottles

• Vegas Vic Beverages

• Soda History: 1980s Happenings: Like, Old Tyme beverages, Jake's diet cola, and more...

• Famous Amos not just a cookie company (chocolate soda)

• Clowning Around: Sodas have 'sent in the clowns' to make their brands more fun over time

• Tom Tucker Beverages, circa 1930s

• Orange Crush book 'Krinkly to Mae West' 2nd Edition coming soon

• The Soda Industry in 1956 (PART II) - Cloud Beverages, Clicquot Club, sprig, and more!

• Soda Pop Stars: a look back at musicians who have had relationships with

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others...

Issue #55 (Fall 2010):

FEATURE STORY: Big Ben's still a local treat at Catawissa Bottling Company

• Those Happy Days were yours and mine - NEHI's set of 32 cans from 1978

• LOST fans find soda cross-over collectibles

• Pepsi Treasures from the past

• Unknown Chero-Cola bottler uncovered in Pennsylvania

• When glass was king... our first visit to the Corning Museum of Glass

• Celo Bottling could return to Sauk City

• Barq's heirs sues Coca-Cola

• Warhol Coke bottle painting sells for $35-million

• The history of Celo

• Belleville, Illinois Bottle Show Success

• The Soda Industry in 1956 (PART I): Up-Town, Duraglas bottles, Korker, and "76"

• We drop in for a visit to Weaver's Ice Cream parlor for a look at their many

soda-related pieces from the past

Issue #54 (Spring 2010):

FEATURE STORY: Uncovering the history behind Nichol Kola

• Nichol Kola sign shows up on CBS' "Blue Bloods" episode

• Finding the holy grail of Nichol Kola Signs

• Restoring a Nichol Kola Cooler (by Eric Wideman)

• Alabama Bottle Collectors host biggest show ever

• A little extra 'Cheer' in the Carolinas - Krispy Kreme Cheerwine filled donuts!

• Dr Pepper celebrates its 125th Anniversary

• Soda goes Hollywood: a look at cans and bottles with 'movie' themes!

• A look at the 2010 Toronto Bottle Show


Issue #53 (Winter 2010):

FEATURE STORY: Pure Spring Ginger Ale - a Canadian staple since 1920

• Paul Bates, founder of 'Museum of Beverage Containers', passes away

• How do you transport collectibles when you fly?

• Jones Soda custom bottles for Monsters Inc. movie

• Broncho Beverages bottle finds a new home

• On the road to the Olympics

• Lonesome Pine Sparkling Beverages, created in 1941

• eBay gems for soda collectors

• The soda collectibles that have eluded you so far - our readers weigh in

• What exactly is a 'Black Cow'?

• Indian Rock Ginger Ale bottle grabs surprising bid

• Phony Tiger Woods Gatorade bottles found in stores

• Blasting off (in space) with Pepsi & Coke

• KnoWhutImean, Vern? Jim Varney appeared for Mello Yello promotions

• The Mello Yello NWA soda can collection from the 1980s

Issue #52 (Fall 2009):

FEATURE STORY: The history of Johnnie Ryan Company, originally started in 1935 in Niagara Falls, NY

• Nichol Kola sign shows up on CBS' "Blue Bloods" episode

• Terre Haute Bottle Show/Auction A Success

• Sundrop: The Evolution of a Legend

• 7UP cans celebrated 100 years of the Bishop Museum

• Brisk cans & bottles coming for Star Wars 3D

• If you build it, they will come: store displays getting bigger and more elaborate than ever!

• The history of the Navy Pier (Chicago) and commemorative Pepsi cans released in 1995

• Be My Valentine: a look back at sodas using a Valentine's Day theme

• GONE: Dublin Dr Pepper settles court case with Dr Pepper Corporate... franchise pulled

• Show & Tell: More presidential sodas from the past

• A blast from the past: a look back at newspaper soda ads from 1982

• Facebook isn't just for 'friends' anymore...

Issue #51 (Summer 2009):

FEATURE STORY: Ale-8-One - Learning the history of an 83-year-old Kentucky favorite

• Life after the first 50 issues

• DeLuxe looks to the future: the long-closed diner, a Dundas landmark with Hollywood appeal, reopens as a Thai eatery this fall

• The eBay debate rages on - our readers give their feedback

• Making a stop at Jungle Jim's in Fairfield, OH

• RC Cola's Sweet Success - local bottler wins with loyalty, brand diversity

• The History of Fosko Winery Flavor, Mobile, Alabama

• An old Hires Root Beer sign found under an asphalt roof

• The search for information about Quizz Soda


Issue #50 (Spring 2009):

FEATURE STORY: Styrofoam Labelled soda bottles (Part II), by Jerry Reeves

• Antique-ing for Oddities

• "Dr Pepper's Pepsin Bitters" Recipe From Old Corner Drug Store Ledger at Auction in Dallas, May 13

• Secret (Almost) Exposed: hand-written journal not what it first appeared to be

• Dr Pepper opens 'prototypes & beyond' exhibit

• This prom dress is made out of soda can tabs

• A wealth of knowledge at the Toronto Bottle Show

• A special offer from White Rock soda

• Longtime Soda Spectrum contributor passes away

• Digging around antique shops for buried treasures

• Coca-Cola Trolley signs - a Canadian treasure

• Unique Contour Coca-Cola Bottle from Milan

• Facebook isn't just for 'friends' anymore...


Issue #49 (Winter 2009):

FEATURE STORY: The story and collectibles of Big 4 Line Soda

• Styrofoam Labelled soda bottles (Part I), by Jerry Reeves

• Ali's 'Mr. Champs' Soda from 1978

• Part II of the history of Barq's root beer

• More antique store finds

• Pinball Wizards: sodas that appeared on pinball machines

• A rare lamp offer from Double Cola

• The Champions of Soda - boxers who endorsed sodas

• A look at Big Boy soda bottles

• Feeling Nostalgic at the Toronto Nostalgia Show

• 50 Years of The Smurfs: Pepsi Smurf cans from 1983

• Peter Schiffer of Schiffer Publishing Ltd dies of heart attack

• Does sex sell more soda? A look at 'sex' and sodas from the past

• An interesting Orange Crush cardboard container from 1969


Issue #48 (Fall 2008):

FEATURE STORY: Drink Barq's, It's Good...

• Mountain Dew aluminum bottle series

• How the economy is affecting soda collecting

• Memories of old Crush bottles

• A look at the F.W. Woolworth Company

• Sex & Soda - Part 1

• 1967 debut of Fresca was a marketer’s dream day

• Longtime reader shows off his soda collection

• Unique collectibles from the past

• Dreaming about 'Dream' soda

• Mexican ‘Pepsi Retro’ (in commemorative glass bottles) comes and goes in first quarter of 2008

• Refreshing exhibit: Man’s Coca-Cola collection has grown to a museum, now open at Hickory Point Mall

• Coca-Cola Bottles That are Without a Trade Mark

• Looking for Lotta Cola info

• eBay Outlaws ‘Paper’ Payment Methods

• Coca-Cola truck gets the boot on ‘Parking Wars’ reality show

• Soda companies get in on the Indy Action (Indiana Jones and Pepsi/Dr Pepper)

• Howard Johnson’s Cola "for people under 21"


Issue #47 (Summer 2008):

FEATURE STORY: Olympic memories & old Olympic photos from Coca-Cola's past

• Grapico - a Southern favorite

• Olympic Coca-Cola & Pepsi collectibles

• Toronto Bottle Show 2008

• Memories of Wishing Well soda

• Saying Goodbye to the owner of Natrona Bottling Co.

• Returns keep bottlers afloat: small-scale sodas rely on patrons' care in collecting bottle deposits

• St. Louis show boosts high sales in 2008

• A simple soda find - a $1 Canada Dry can a great conversation piece

• Everything old is new again - a new design 2L bottle looks like an old test bottle

• White Pine Soda Co.

• Reader Question: "Moxie" or "Noxie"?

• Festival of all things Pepsi - at Pepsi Fest!

• Orbitz bottles from Clearly Canadian

• Meeting the Vault Girl


Issue #46 (Winter 2008):

FEATURE STORY: Bigger is Better - 2L bottles become collectible

• Root Family Coca-Cola Collection: at the museum of Arts & Sciences in Daytona Beach, FL

• eBay gems for soda collectors

• The Roger Blad Pepsi Auction

• The topic of Shill Bidding discussed by our readers

• Pepsi-Cola collectibles from WWII

• Ideas from the Clubs: Focus on Senior Citizens

• A Quiet Winter means a busy Spring ahead for soda collectors




Issue #45 (Fall 2007):

FEATURE STORY: Sweet Yesterdays - The machines have fallen silent at Celo Bottling, a family

business that satisfied thirsts in 3 counties

• Coke Side of Life Delivers, Pepsi designs dazzle

• The Cola Wars: Still raging, or fizzled out?

• Spooky Halloween soda advertising, cans and packaging

• Coca-Cola Campaigns Raise Attention For Special Olympics and 2007 World Summer Games

• Coca-Cola produces commemorative bottle for 55th Anniversary of 12 Hours of Sebring

• Biedenharn bottle fetches $6,800

• Diet Coke Plus in the UK

• New glass bottle in Colombia

• Packaging & Current Promotional Materials

• Father of ‘The Pepsi Generation’ Dies

• Coke – By Truck, by Plane, By Ship, but by TRAIN?

•Bottle Produced in ‘75 to Celebrate World's Largest Time Capsule

•1995 Red Rock Greg Maddux bottle




Issue #44 (Summer 2007):

• A trip down Yoo-Hoo memory lane

• 100 Years of Faygo pop

• The search for The Real Thing in an unreal land

• The Toronto Bottle Show 2007

• Coke & Pepsi collectibles from the past

• Bill Schmidt, of famous Schmidt family, dies

• The Fridge Pack! What a new concept... or is it?

• New information about scrapped Contour Coke Can surfaces

• Despite the myth, Barq's belongs to Biloxi

• A whole new world: Coke pops open a brand new attraction

• Some first impressions of the New World of Coca-Cola

• Old bottles, retro feel

• Canadian Grocery Chain celebrates 100 years with Commemorative Coke bottle

• Pepsi Cola Anniversaries

• Take a Trip to the Tropics with Tropic Surf

• Cheerwine celebrates 90th Anniversary

• Canadian can sizes changed in the early 1990s

• New Mountain Dew Aluminum bottles coming soon

• Commemorating a life-changing event

• The history of 7UP in Thunder Bay, Ontario

• Chime: The long lost brother of Mr. Pibb

• Celo Bottling Co. Closed after death of owner

• PLUS Marketplace Classified ads...